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We are looking for genuine guest bloggers who are legitimate experts on the following topics: Restaurant industry, food trends, restaurant design, - operations, - sustainability, - concepts, new restaurant openings or profiles of chefs.

What we are looking for:

100% UNIQUE CONTENT - We are only interested in guest content that is 100% unique, authentic, and original. This means you must only submit a post that has not already be published elsewhere in any form. We will add a short bio about you and a link to your website and social media accounts at the bottom of the article. Full credit goes to you. Send us an email with your idea and a title to discuss.


INFORMATIVE CONTENT - We value guest content that is informative, educational, and data driven and contain relevant data and statistics! If you can, please include a few in your content to reinforce any theories and claims you are making. Just make sure that your data and stats are from reliable and credible sources, up to date, and that you add the source URL.  Articles must contain a minimum of 4 resourceful outbound links to relevant and authoritative content from credible and reliable sources. 

CONTENT RELEVANCY - The topic of your guest post must be 100% relevant to our reader's interests and fully aligned with the nature of our website/blog. Please look through our blog before submitting an idea. 

VISUALS - Guest posts must contain a minimum of 1 piece of visual content. Please add source and give credit for the images if they are not yours.

WORD COUNT - Your guest post must be between 500 - 1000 words. 

MINIMAL PROMOTIONAL CONTENT - Guest posts must contain ‘very little’ self-promotional content; this is very important. You are welcome to link to one of your own blog articles for resource or reference purposes, for instance, linking to a case study or report; however, it must be 100% aligned with your post's topic.

SHARING - Your post will be featured in our monthly newsletter that goes out to restaurant professionals and interested parties of real estate firms in the US and Europe. If your guest post is accepted and published on our blog, we will kindly ask that you help to promote it on social media and via email. Please also be available to respond to any comments your post receives in a timely fashion.

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Thanks for submitting!

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